Alexa is the Web Information Company that is owned by Founded in 1996 they provide FREE web analytics for people worldwide.

Alexa is one of those “must use” tools you need if you are trying to get traffic to your blog or website. Every time you post an articles or change something on your site, you can see whether it helped or made it worst.  Alexa is not the same as Google’s pagerank. You don’t get a score that determines the position you are in the search results. Alexa is all about traffic!

Alexa shows you an estimate of your site's popularity. So suppose your Alexa rank is 312,077. That means there are 312,077 more popularity websites. Take facebook for example. There Alexa rank is two. That means, there are only one other website that is more popularly and that’s Google.

If you have a blog or a website, one of your goals should be getting more people to come to your website. The more people that see your site, the more chances somebody will buy what you are selling. There are a lot of ways to get traffic to your site but if you don’t do it right, it will back fire.

My first website was an eCommerce website and just starting out I had a pagerank of two! After learning more about pagerank I wanted to see how I could increase it. I did some research and came across an article about backlinks. It made since to me at the moment, the more backlinks you have, the more Google believes your site is important. After learning that, I started searching for ways to get backlinks. I came across this site that promises hundreds of them, for FREE! All you had to do is submit your link and that’s it! I submitted my link and the next day, checked my page rank and it was zero. I abandon that website but every once and awhile I would get an email saying a customer just brought something.

It really was strange to me how people were still finding my site. I found out I had some links on eBay and that’s where they were coming from. With a page rank of zero I was still making money!

Alexa rank results

Here is a game plan that you can follow to increase your Alexa rank. At the time of this written, the 312,077 Alexa rank example used earlier in this post was this site. The first thing you need to do is copy and paste your current Alexa rank in a word document, notepad, or any word processing program you have or using. Make sure you include the time you checked it and if you created a post that day, the title of it. In addition, note any promotion you did your going to do that day.

If you didn’t post anything, the next thing is write a blog post. When creating your blog post, make sure you do your best to apply some search engine optimization (SEO). If you don’t know what that is and need to learn how to, read my post titled “What is search engine optimization (SEO)”.  There are some good tips and software that I mention.

After you have written your article and publish it, the next step is to share it to all of you social media sites you are on. Facebook is a good site to start with. Not only does it have an Alexa and its Google pagerank of 2, you can also do PPC! $5 would do just fine for starting out. If you haven’t already, create a fanpage for your blog, create one. You can use your profile account but you can’t do as much with a fanpage.

The process is complete; all you have to do is create a blog post everyday or at least once every 5 days. Then go to Alexa, copy, paste you’re ranking in the file you created and compare it from the day before.  If your rank is decreasing then you are doing it right but if it is increase, you are not promoting hard enough

So there you have it. How to increase your Alexa rank.  My Alexa rank went from 21,923,498 to 312,077 using the techniques I just explained to you in this post but there is one more step you should do, get certified!

Alexa charges $9.99 per month for the basic plan with the first mouth FREE. After you sign up you well be asked to install some script on your website or server. It may take up to 24hrs to completely get certified but after that you will know your true rank!

When the certification process is complete you might see a significant increase in your rank. This is a bad thing but don’t worry. Any website that is not certified does not have accurate data. This is crucial when trying to increase your Alexa rank or Google pagerank.  If there is one thing you remember from this blog post is to increase you Alexa rank, all you have to do is get more traffic to your site. If you need to learn how to do that, took a look at my blog post titled. “How to drive traffic to your website”.

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