How to drive traffic to my website?


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How to drive traffic to my website? That’s the million dollar question. Just about all businesses, internet marketers or anybody with a website have asked this question. Only after, they have learned the more visitors to your site, increases the chances of someone buying whatever it is you are selling. Getting traffic to your site is just as important as the site itself. You could have the latest and greatest he-man action figure, the one with the kung-fu grip but if nobody knows you have it, then nobody knows where to buy it.

When driving traffic, it is important that you get the best traffic you can possibly get. What I mean is, if you are selling a $5,000 product and you are getting traffic from somebody or a company that the majority of it is high school student, then most likely there is going to be a money issue. However, if the majority of the traffic is making $300,000.00 per year, own their own home, and opted-in before to receive information a product that is similar to your $5000 product, the money issue is not a factor.

Getting traffic to your site is easy but getting people to buy your products is another story.

– Rodney Brooks Jr.

Getting traffic to your site is easy but getting people to buy your products is another story. To get the best results target only the people that are interested in your product. The old saying is “don’t feed pizza fish”. What do fish eat? They differently don’t eat pizza.

There are tons of ways to drive traffic to your site but you can put them in two categories, paid and free. Paid traffic is the quickest and easiest but most people don’t want to spend the money. One of my favorite paid traffic strategies are solo ads. Solo ads brings traffic to your site and at the same time builds you a list of people who you can email in the future, bringing you instant traffic! Just like I mention before, make sure they are quality solo ads. Once you have found a reliable source, all you have to do is create a budget. There are some other things you have to do but I’m not going to go in to details. If you want to learn more about solo ads and list building, read my post title, “Solo ads are the key to list building”.

Some other paid traffic strategies are Pay Per Click (PPC), Click Per Acquisition (CPA) aka Cost Per Action, Pay Per Visit (PPV), and just regular Media buys and don’t forget about offline methods like print ads, TV, radio, etc. There are plenty of other paid traffic strategies and any one will bring you tons of traffic to your website but out of the bunch, Pay Per Click (PPC) is the one I have had the most success with. When talking about Pay Per Click (PPC) the first thing comes to mind is Google. Google is the most popular site when talking about PPC but also, you also have other companies like Facebook, Bling, etc.

Facebook PPC is one of my favorites. On a combination of several different fan pages, I have accumulated over 100,000 likes! .If you didn't know, Facebook is the number two most popular site on the internet. Google is number one so if you master both of them, you can pretty much say, you have all the traffic.
Facebook and Google both have PPC but Facebook PPC is different. All ads are picture ads and no matter what a person is searching for, your ad shows automatically. With Google, your ad only shows when a person is doing a search. Google does have a display network but for this post, I’m going to keep it simple.

With Facebook, you can drive traffic to your site and your page. Driving traffic to your page is good if you are trying to get more page likes. Using a fan gate is what helped me. A fan gate will force a person to like your page before seeing your content but Facebook don't allow you to do this anymore.

Picture5For getting traffic to your website, you can create an ad with an objection to get people to click thru to your website but I have found, boosting a post works better. You can still have the option to adjust your pricing and targeting. The advantage of this is, the person goes to your post first, checks out your page/profile and then your website.

I have found myself, after clicking on somebody’s ad and it takes me directly to their website, Going back to Facebook trying to find more information about them, even if it’s on their site. However, if I go to their Facebook page first, the first thing I do is check to see if they have a website. In addition, I have heard other marketers say, if they are on Facebook, they want to stay on Facebook. Meaning, if the ad takes them outside of Facebook, they are less likely to view the site. Pay Per Click (PPC), Facebook, Google or any other company is a great way to drive traffic to your website. You can pay, as little as one cent per click and you can pick only the keywords or interests that are similar to your product. If you need any help or have any questions, please send me a message and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

Driving traffic to your site using free methods is great if you have the time. One of the free methods is what I am doing right now, blogging. Other methods to get traffic free are Article marketing, Vlogging, word of mouth and so on. If you ask me, blogging is the same thing as article marketing. You both write articles but the only thing different is, you will be publishing one to a blogging platform and one to an article directory. Out of all the free methods I mention, blogging is my favorite! However, I have my own hosting so it is not truly free but you can do just about the same things. When I first started online, I used to use the free ones (Blogger, Squidoo, Tumblr, etc.) and I still use them today. Why not, their free.

With blogging, it's just like a website and you can write and post just about anything you want! If you ever heard the phrase, “content is king” well it’s true. Just imagine you have one word on one page. Your site would only come up if someone were searching for that one word but what if you have 500, 1000, or 2000 words on a page. It’s more to this then just words on a page and we are now talking about SEO but I think you get the picture? If you still don’t get it, then let me give you an example. What if you wrote one article a week, just one. That would be four a month and 48 a year. If your blog posts are about 1,000 words each, that’s 120,000 possible keywords. That alone with bring some traffic but you have to write your post so the search engines will know what your article is about. This is called Search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engine optimization (SEO) has a lot of rules too remember. I guess if you write them down you could just go down the list but me personally, I bought a plug in that have all the rules and lets you know if you need to do some more or even if you overdone it.

Blogging is a great free traffic strategy. The first thing you need to do is figure out how long will it take you to write a post. Then make sure you post at least once per week. The on-page SEO will help people find your site but you still have to promote it. When you start to drive traffic to your blog, you should first send an email to your list (if you have one). This will get traffic to your website. Then post to your social media accounts and after that do some paid advertising.

The best place to start out blogging is with a company called Global Virtual Opportunities(GVO) The reason why I pick GVO, is because you get hosting and a lot of other marketing tools that you will need as you get more advanced. Empower network is another great company that will give you a blogging platform. There are other companies that give you the tools you need to start blogging. These are just some.

If you already have a website and I am assuming you do, the first step is to do some paid advertising. The best place I have found to buy solo ads are and They have hundreds if not thousands of solo ad vendors and they have buyer fraud protection. I know I didn’t go into much details about CPA and PPV but a good site for CPA is and a good site for PPV is

My favorite out of these two is The reason is you can get a thousand visitors for about a dollar. It only depends on what country you want the traffic from and what type. The best part is, as soon as your link is approved, your traffic starts instant! If you have a squeeze page that you just created, for five dollars, you can get about five thousands visits!

If you would like to learn more about how you can drive traffic to your website, read my post title, “How To Get More Website Traffic” and always remember,

Getting traffic to your site is easy but getting people to buy your products is another story.

How To Get More Website Traffic


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Making money online is almost impossible if you have little or no traffic coming to your website. So, how do you get more traffic? That's the question that everybody wants to know.

With my years of experience giving away, something free is the first thing every Internet marketing guru tells you to do. However, the only way this will work is if people see your offer and the only way people are going to see your offer is if you have traffic.

There are many different ways to get more website traffic. One way to get more website traffic is Facebook. but before you go posting there are something’s you should keep in mind. You have to stay focus on your goal and your goal is to get people to opt-in to your list. The way I am going to show you how to get people to opt-in, will at the same time get you free traffic to your website. The first thing you are going to have to get is hosting and a domain.

For your domain, I would recommend For hosting, I recommend Once you have your domain and hosting. Go to your cPanel and under “Software/Service”, click on QuickInstall.

Click OuickInstallThen look to your left and under blog software, click on WordPress.  Click Blog Software

Some information about WordPress will come up, just click continue. Click Continue Select your domain from the drop down menu and fill in the rest of the information. Install WordPressThe reason why I am telling you, you need to install WordPress on your domain is because of your squeeze page and tracking program. They are both WordPress plug-ins.

The first plug-in is called Hybrid-connect. With Hybrid-connect, you can create squeeze pages (also known as a landing page), light boxes, slide-ins. Hybrid-connect allows you to create the kind of squeeze pages with picture backgrounds, and if you really want to make your squeeze page look impressive, you should use a gif

Light boxes and slide-ins are similar to a squeeze page but a light box, pops ups and will not go away until you exit out or do the requested action. A slide–in does just that, it slides in. You can have it slide in from the top, bottom, right, or left. Depending on how you set your settings, you can also dictate the position of where you want it to stop.

There are other features, like automatically displaying an opt-in form at the bottom each blog post and page. They also give you the WordPress short code. You can display your opt-in form anywhere on your website!

The most user-friendly feature is how you get your squeeze page to display. All you have to do is enable the squeeze page to show on a page you created and when you or somebody, goes to that page the squeeze page will automatically show up.

Another great feature is hint, the word hybrid. Hybrid-connect will automatically detect if a person is logged into Facebook and display a sign up Facebook button.

If the person is logged into WordPress, it will automatically show a one click WordPress sign up button


If the person is not logged into Facebook or WordPress, it will show the standard name and email fields.

The only way to get more website traffic is to spread the word. But once they get there, then what? How do you keep them coming back for more?

Many people just create daily content and hope somebody searches for it. This is just not enough. You have to promote it. Building a list is the best way to do this. Your list is traffic that you own. What I mean by owning it is, you do not have to rent, pay, or follow the policies and posting rules of some other company. In addition, the people that opt-in, opt-in because they like you, they like what you are saying and they want to know more to the point that they are willing to give you their email address!

After you built a list and for now on, every time you create a post all you have to do is send your list an email and you will have instant traffic! However, just because you send an email to your list, does not guarantee that everybody on list will open and click on your link. If they do not know who you are or if your content is garbage, they will never open your emails and they might even unsubscribe.

Go to You can choose from a single site, multi-site, or a professional license.

Now that you have your squeeze page set up, you are finally ready to start driving traffic to it. According to Facebook is the second most popular website on the internet. The number one most popular website is Google. You can understand that since the first thing people do online is search for something. They also own YouTube, which is number three.

The reason why I am telling you this is that every time I mention the word Facebook, most people frown up their faces. I can somewhat relate because when Facebook first came out, it took me years to create an account. The only reason is at that time Facebook and MySpace were perceived to be for young kids playing games and trying to get a date. When Facebook started to grow and more marketers started doing training on it, I saw the opportunity and joined.

If you are anything like me you need to realize that just because you are not on Facebook, does not mean your customers or prospects are not. It will be a lot easier to convince a prospect or customer, to join your team or buy something from you if you have a present on the number two most visited website on the internet!

I am not saying spend eight hours a day on there but at the very least, you should create a profile. Now of days, almost everybody goes online first before deciding to buy something. If you or your company does not have a presence, then most likely those people are going to think you are a fraud.

If you have not already created an account, create one and after that create a page. If you do not have a company, just use your name. I have several Facebook pages but my main page is Rodney Brooks Jr. Depending on when you are reading this, currently, I don’t have too much on there but starting today, this is the one that I am going to be working on the most.

Two months ago, I created a new website for a page that I did just for fun.  On my fanpage, I got over 6,000 likes and on my website; I got close to 20,000 visitors in the month of June! All I did was post pictures and videos at the peak times most of my fans were online. The only other thing I did besides posting at peak times was, posting a link to my website in the description.

Below is proof! Look at the date I took this screen shot. As you can see this site has only been up for three months. Along with the 25,787 views, I got 419 WordPress users and 161 subscribers to my list!



The only way I would have known this data, was through tracking. WordPress comes with its own built-in tracking. The first three-pictures are an example the jetpack plug-in, which is free. All you have to do is activate it.


The last picture is of my getresponse autoresponder. If you want to read a little more about autoresponders, go to my post titled, ‘What is an email autoresponder”. I explain more about autoresponders and mention several others too but for this post, I recommend getresponse. In the future, I will tell you why.

The only drawback with WordPress's jetpack tracking plug-in is, you cannot track actions or sales. For this, I recommend adtrackgold.

Adtrackgold is a ad-tracking software program. It allows you to track how many people clicked your link, how many people took action (signed up), how many people brought (sales) your product, split test, and more! The picture below is how the stats look. These two campaigns were for clicks and actions only.

The first campaign was for the page I mention earlier. The second campaign was for a page that I am currently one of the content managers. My goal was to see if anybody was clicking on my link and opting-in afterward. As you can see my first campaign got 1,489 raw clicks, 942 unique clicks and 156 actions (sign ups). My click thru rate was not that great but I got 156 free subscribers! The second campaign I got 20 free subscribers from the page that I am a content manager!


Go to and download, and install the two plug-ins. After you have installed and activated them, write a blog post and if you have a list, send them an email letting them know you just created a new post. The next step is choosing a picture to post on Facebook. Once you have chosen one, make sure you post a link to the blog post you just created in the description..

After that, choose another picture or video that you think is funny, cute or inspirational. post this one about two hours after your blog post. Place a link in the description to the squeeze page that you created in this one.

How to drive traffic to your website


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How to drive traffic to your website is easier then you might think! If you don’t know what I am talking about when I say drive traffic, it is the number of people that visits your site in a day, week, or year. Some websites get 3,000 visitors in a day. Some get that in a year.

523653908_0192ad68d4_oEIt is crucial to get traffic to your website if you plan on ranking number one in the search engines. The ending result of traffic equals CASH! This is the formula.

Traffic Converging = CASH

If you can remember this one formula, you will be one step ahead of today’s average Internet Marketer. You could have the best product in the world but if nobody sees it, nobody buys it. This is the best case scenario. The worst case scenario is having tons of traffic but nobody is buys anything. Which one is worst, No traffic or no converging. Take a minute and think about. What did you say? The ending result of both equals the same, NO cash.

You need traffic and you need traffic flowing constantly. Studies shows, when searching online most people usually stop looking thru the search results at page five if they can’t find what they are looking for. With that in mind, you need to be on page one. Showing up on page one of the search results will increase traffic to your website because you will be the first thing they see.

There are many different strategies on how to drive traffic to you website. One way to get website traffic is using social media. Create a Facebook fanpage and ever time you have a sale, event, or just want to say something, post it to it. I have talked to several people about this strategy and when Facebook is mentioned; the first thing come out is “facebook, that’s for the kids.”  I myself have been guilty of this and alot of young people are on fancebook but so are your customers.

Increase traffic to your website

Example of a post I promoted on my fanpage. Click on picture to see.

If your customers see you on facebook, they will most likely connect with you and share your post with their friends, which means, more traffic! That goes the same for all the rest of the social media sites as well.

This example is one way to get web traffic for free but if you have five or ten dollars to spend, you can buy website traffic using Facebook pay per click. What I suggest is every time you post a new blog post, create a post on your fanpage but don’t do this by sharing the link. Post a picture and write a description with to the link on it.

The reason why I say don’t share the link is because sometimes the picture comes out smaller or the picture is not centered so you can see all of it.

Facebook recommends a minimum width of 600 pixels for news feed pictures. Blow is a snapshot of the guidelines here is the link to Facebook’s Ads Product Guide Overview.

increase traffic to your website

Building a email list is another way how to drive traffic to your website. Every time you create a blog post sent a email to your list. if you don’t have a list, you are going to have to build one. The fastest way to build a email list is with solo ads. If you don’t know what solo ads are, they are agreements made between you and somebody else, to mail your offer to there list of subscribers for a fee. You can literally book a solo ad mailing, go to sleep and walk up and have 20 to 100 new subscribers!

The key to solo ads is giving away something free on the front in. Once they’re on your list send follow up messages about your blog post. This will get traffic to your website instantly! You can send them anything you want but for this example we want to increase traffic to your website.

If you buy a solo ad everyday for a one mouth you could get over 2,000 subscribers!. Depending on how active your they are you could have over 2,000 subscribers checking out your blog every time you send a email! That’s how to drive traffic to your website.

Below is screenshot of my GVO account and proof that you can get over 2,000 subscribers in 30 days. Don’t let people fool you. I did it and here is proof. Notice I have a 20,500-subscriber list limit. If you want a 20,500-subscriber list limit, click on the link.

Increase traffic to your website

Proof: 2,000 plus in 30 days!

Remember solo ads are agreements made between you and somebody else, to email your offer to there list of subscribers for a fee. Be carefully, there are a lot of people agreeing to sell them. Some charge as little as $25, some charge as much as $50.

Luckily I got pointed in the right direction when I signed up for this course that a multi-millionaire Internet marketer was selling. He had a whole list of solo ad sellers but I only got in contact with one person on that list and he did not want to send my offer out.

Fortunately for me the same course had more resources. One of the other sources was a site call Safe-Swaps. Safe Swaps is a network of solo-ads seller. In addiction, you can do ad-swaps. Ad-swaps are when you and somebody else agree to send each other offer to their list of subscribers for free. I will give more details in another post but for now let’s just concentrate on solo ads and how to drive traffic to your website.

Safe Swaps has hundreds of different solo ads to choose from and you don’t have to worry about getting scammed and ripped off. Safe Swaps has 15 levels of protection. The screenshot below is on there website. If you want more details click the link.

Get traffic to your website

Now you have two ways to increase traffic to your website. One is Facebook and the second is solo ads. The only thing you have to remember is blog every day or no less then once every 5 day and after you make a post get traffic to your website so people can see it. If you increase traffic to your website, Google will start placing your site at the top of the search results.

How to drive traffic to your website

Free Content
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Solo ads are the key to list building


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If you are trying to build a list, solo ads are one of the easiest and fastest ways to accomplish it.  Depending on who you ask, a solo ad is an email message that you pay someone to send to their list that they have already built. When building a list this is extremely useful, because the list of the person whom you buy the solo ad from has already opted-in to receive information about some sort of moneymaking opportunity. When the solo ad provider sends your email, they are more likely to click and opt-in!

Solo ads give you targeted leads. The only other thing you have to do is, make sure you are promoting a product that converts. There are other variables that come into play but choosing a product that converts is one of the most important. Your email copy is important too but I would say slightly less. Your squeezepage is the more important. Only because some solo ad providers ask for just a link. Most of the times when a solo ad provider only asks for a link, it’s because they are going to add it to a URL rotator. This is my favorite kind of solo ad provider! Not only do you not have to worry about your email copy, you can also give them a link from your own rotator! With this technique, you can start your own co-op business!

Starting your own co-op is a great way to help your team! When you are promoting a network-marketing product, your downline should be treated like gold. The more you support your team the more likely, your team will support you. If you have some team members that are showing results, one of the best ways to say good job is to do some advertising for them. There comes a time in every internet marketer’s career where you come across a campaign that takes up so much time and so much energy that you start questioning yourself is it worth it. Getting an email from your sponsor congratulating you on your hard work and offering to include you in his or her next co-op, really confirms that your hard work is not going unnoticed.

Another reason why I like solo ad vendors that only ask for a link is all you have to do is find a reliable one. There are many to choose from so picking one could be somewhat hard. When picking a reliable solo ad provider, the number one factor you should look for is, if he or she is trustworthy. Another one to look for is testimonials but not all testimonials are the same so make sure you look, for the testimonials of well-known marketers.

There are a lot of people buying solo ads and leaving testimonials saying the traffic was great but only because the vendor over delivered. This is not how you determine if the solo ad traffic was good. You need to know how many people opted-in and how many sales were generated. If there are sales, this is good proof that the people on their list were interested enough to click on the link, take out there credit card and buy, which means they might do the same for you! Another thing you should look for is what country the clicks are coming from. The only way to see this is by using tracking software that has geo-location reporting or you could ask the solo ad provider to give you a copy.

I have seen people with a list size of 100,000 plus people but more than 50% are from countries like India or Pakistan. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these countries but it is going to be very difficult communicating if they don’t speak the same language and its going to be even harder to coordinate with them because of the time zone gap. You might have to stay up until 11 am, the next day trying to answer their questions.

Some other things you should consider are the length of time they have been online and if they have their own product. If they have just started selling solo ads, they might not have any testimonials but they should have an online presence. A good example is when I saw a well-known internet marketer pop up on a site where I buy most of my solo ads. He didn't have any testimonials at the time but I knew he was legit because I brought one of his products before.

A lot of solo ad providers have their very own website. You can usually find all of the prices for their click packages displayed on them. The only drawback is these sites don’t always rank on the first page of Google. Some advertising agencies also sell solo ads but you might find them listed under media buys. The best place to buy solo ads is a site called!

This is newest website and the only difference between and is, is 100% FREE! is free to join but you have to pay a monthly fee to gain access to all there features and they allow you to do ad swaps! If you don’t know what ad swaps are, there are when you and a partner send the other persons email message to their own list until the agreed upon clicks are achieved. and are both made up of hundreds of individual people that buy and sell solo ads. You can choose from anybody you want. They both have built-in tracking and buyer fraud protection. If there is ever a problem and the seller does not want to make it right, you can escalate it and ask the site to look into it. If you are in the right, they will refund your money. In addition, you can leave a nasty testimonial and warn people about the seller. If there is really a big problem, the solo ad seller can be banned from the site.

Safe Swaps Banner

Benefits of and

  • Affordable Solo Ads
  • Targeted Solo Ads
  • Responsive Solo Ads
  • Top Notch Solo Ad Providers
  •  Solo Ads That Work