A Detailed Overview of a Autoresponder


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Regardless of the approach you’ve taken for your email marketing campaign, the reality is that a strong email marketing campaign always leads to increased sales, higher lead conversions and brand awareness for the business organization.

Dare to Take Charge How to Live Your Life on Purpose

Dare to Take Charge How to Live Your Life on Purpose

Due to this, most online marketers ask you to pay a lot of attention to why email marketing campaigns are important for your core online marketing strategy. This allows you to focus on developing an effective campaign, and use the right kind of tools to support your strategy.

An email autoresponder is one of the most effective tools you can use to strengthen your email marketing campaign. Choosing an email autoresponder can be tricky. In this post, we have explained everything about an email autoresponder, and the key features you need to look for in an autoresponder.

What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a very simple, yet effective email marketing tool that allows you to send a specific set of scheduled follow up mails to shoppers. These emails are sent on the basis of specific parameters you choose to apply.

For instance, you may need to send a standard follow-up email to all the customers who purchase a particular item. This follow-up email may contain a coupon you want to send to specific customers. It is also possible that you just want them to gather information about products and accessories. An autoresponder can be applied in many such situations.

Most autoresponders are designed with two individual components that work together. These have been discussed below :

  • Autoresponder – An automated email-marketing campaign contains a set of messages that are sent to shoppers when certain actions are triggered.
  • Automation Rules – Rules are a set of situational actions and triggers you specify. They determine when and where autoresponder messages are applicable.

In the last few years, autoresponders sending sequential follow-up messages have been used more and more by professional internet marketers. When it comes to getting an autoresponder, there are two different options.

One options is to buy professional autoresponder software that you want to install. You can even install a professional to hire the software on your system. If you have technical knowledge, you can handle software installation without any problems. It won’t take long before you’re changing email protocols, managing bounces and other technical issues.

On the other hand, if you want to focus on your actual purpose of marketing, run your business operations and create messages, it is important to use a hosted autoresponder service. When you choose a hosted autoresponder service, you will receive some special benefits.

The autoresponder seller or company will make sure that all kinds of software and hardware issues are quickly resolved. Moreover, the company will also make constant efforts to keep the software updated with changing market trends.

Most online marketers choose to pay a monthly fee so that technically proficient professionals can focus on various technical requirements, while marketers focus on business operations. Once you have chosen a specific autoresponder service, the next step is to create specific messages that will be sent by the autoresponder.

It is always better to create 5-7 follow-up messages. Many different marketing studies have proved that it can easily take about 7 contacts before the customer decides to purchase anything from you. It is worth mentioning that a follow-up autoresponder can help you maximize profits by capturing valuable visitor information, and helping convert leads into customers.

Features You Need to Look for

An autoresponder needs to have some basic features. It should give you some abilities to strengthen your marketing campaign. For instance, it should :

  • Manage and Create unlimited mailing lists
  • Send numerous emails via Amazon SES, Client’s Host, Gmail, SMTP, SendGrid and more
  • Create unlimited autoresponder sequences for exceptional profit and power
  • Instantly allow you to see data and statistics for who clicked, took desired action and opened the emails

Other features an email autoresponder should include:

Advanced Abilities

The tool you use should be able to pull Facebook demographics. Such a tool will allow you to focus on certain clients while targeting their gender, age, location or whatever you prefer. This provides numerous benefits including :

  • You are not added to the junk list.
  • You never lose someone on the basis of age, gender or location.
  • You can easily strengthen your relationship with existing clients and build a relationship with prospective clients.

Social Media Opt In

It should allow you to opt in by a single click of the button to your social media account. The autoresponder should also support Google and Facebook accounts. You should be able to add your clients on various social media accounts and connect with them wherever they feel comfortable.

Open API

With an open API, you can easily have customized applications and integrate them with the email autoresponder. Moreover, you can also integrate the autoresponder with your own systems.

QR Codes Opt In

The tool should allow you to scan a QR code with a smart phone or tablet. This allows you to eliminate all psychological barriers related to traditional methods. You can easily step up your game.

Import Lists

If you are currently using another autoresponder service and have a contact list, you should be able to import it to your new account. This will make sure you don’t lose your current email list. When you import lists from your old service, the demographic settings and social media profiles should stay intact.

Training Videos

Every feature of the email autoresponder should be described with a training video on the respective page. You shouldn't have to hunt for information all over the internet. You should be able to straight away get started as soon as you sign up.

These are some of the features you should look for in an email autoresponder. You need to look for all these features to make sure you’re able to strengthen your email marketing campaign. These days, you can find a lot of autoresponders in the market.

Some of the best ones include GetResponse, Aweber, and GVO. They have been designed by marketing experts to make sure your email marketing campaign benefits, and gives great returns.

For more about autoresponders, read the blog post titled, “What is an email autoresponder?”

How To Get More Website Traffic


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Making money online is almost impossible if you have little or no traffic coming to your website. So, how do you get more traffic? That's the question that everybody wants to know.

With my years of experience giving away, something free is the first thing every Internet marketing guru tells you to do. However, the only way this will work is if people see your offer and the only way people are going to see your offer is if you have traffic.

There are many different ways to get more website traffic. One way to get more website traffic is Facebook. but before you go posting there are something’s you should keep in mind. You have to stay focus on your goal and your goal is to get people to opt-in to your list. The way I am going to show you how to get people to opt-in, will at the same time get you free traffic to your website. The first thing you are going to have to get is hosting and a domain.

For your domain, I would recommend GoDaddy.com. For hosting, I recommend Hostgator.com. Once you have your domain and hosting. Go to your cPanel and under “Software/Service”, click on QuickInstall.

Click OuickInstallThen look to your left and under blog software, click on WordPress.  Click Blog Software

Some information about WordPress will come up, just click continue. Click Continue Select your domain from the drop down menu and fill in the rest of the information. Install WordPressThe reason why I am telling you, you need to install WordPress on your domain is because of your squeeze page and tracking program. They are both WordPress plug-ins.

The first plug-in is called Hybrid-connect. With Hybrid-connect, you can create squeeze pages (also known as a landing page), light boxes, slide-ins. Hybrid-connect allows you to create the kind of squeeze pages with picture backgrounds, and if you really want to make your squeeze page look impressive, you should use a gif

Light boxes and slide-ins are similar to a squeeze page but a light box, pops ups and will not go away until you exit out or do the requested action. A slide–in does just that, it slides in. You can have it slide in from the top, bottom, right, or left. Depending on how you set your settings, you can also dictate the position of where you want it to stop.

There are other features, like automatically displaying an opt-in form at the bottom each blog post and page. They also give you the WordPress short code. You can display your opt-in form anywhere on your website!

The most user-friendly feature is how you get your squeeze page to display. All you have to do is enable the squeeze page to show on a page you created and when you or somebody, goes to that page the squeeze page will automatically show up.

Another great feature is hint, the word hybrid. Hybrid-connect will automatically detect if a person is logged into Facebook and display a sign up Facebook button.

If the person is logged into WordPress, it will automatically show a one click WordPress sign up button


If the person is not logged into Facebook or WordPress, it will show the standard name and email fields.

The only way to get more website traffic is to spread the word. But once they get there, then what? How do you keep them coming back for more?

Many people just create daily content and hope somebody searches for it. This is just not enough. You have to promote it. Building a list is the best way to do this. Your list is traffic that you own. What I mean by owning it is, you do not have to rent, pay, or follow the policies and posting rules of some other company. In addition, the people that opt-in, opt-in because they like you, they like what you are saying and they want to know more to the point that they are willing to give you their email address!

After you built a list and for now on, every time you create a post all you have to do is send your list an email and you will have instant traffic! However, just because you send an email to your list, does not guarantee that everybody on list will open and click on your link. If they do not know who you are or if your content is garbage, they will never open your emails and they might even unsubscribe.

Go to hybrid-connect.com. You can choose from a single site, multi-site, or a professional license.

Now that you have your squeeze page set up, you are finally ready to start driving traffic to it. According to alexa.com Facebook is the second most popular website on the internet. The number one most popular website is Google. You can understand that since the first thing people do online is search for something. They also own YouTube, which is number three.

The reason why I am telling you this is that every time I mention the word Facebook, most people frown up their faces. I can somewhat relate because when Facebook first came out, it took me years to create an account. The only reason is at that time Facebook and MySpace were perceived to be for young kids playing games and trying to get a date. When Facebook started to grow and more marketers started doing training on it, I saw the opportunity and joined.

If you are anything like me you need to realize that just because you are not on Facebook, does not mean your customers or prospects are not. It will be a lot easier to convince a prospect or customer, to join your team or buy something from you if you have a present on the number two most visited website on the internet!

I am not saying spend eight hours a day on there but at the very least, you should create a profile. Now of days, almost everybody goes online first before deciding to buy something. If you or your company does not have a presence, then most likely those people are going to think you are a fraud.

If you have not already created an account, create one and after that create a page. If you do not have a company, just use your name. I have several Facebook pages but my main page is Rodney Brooks Jr. Depending on when you are reading this, currently, I don’t have too much on there but starting today, this is the one that I am going to be working on the most.

Two months ago, I created a new website for a page that I did just for fun.  On my fanpage, I got over 6,000 likes and on my website; I got close to 20,000 visitors in the month of June! All I did was post pictures and videos at the peak times most of my fans were online. The only other thing I did besides posting at peak times was, posting a link to my website in the description.

Below is proof! Look at the date I took this screen shot. As you can see this site has only been up for three months. Along with the 25,787 views, I got 419 WordPress users and 161 subscribers to my list!



The only way I would have known this data, was through tracking. WordPress comes with its own built-in tracking. The first three-pictures are an example the jetpack plug-in, which is free. All you have to do is activate it.


The last picture is of my getresponse autoresponder. If you want to read a little more about autoresponders, go to my post titled, ‘What is an email autoresponder”. I explain more about autoresponders and mention several others too but for this post, I recommend getresponse. In the future, I will tell you why.

The only drawback with WordPress's jetpack tracking plug-in is, you cannot track actions or sales. For this, I recommend adtrackgold.

Adtrackgold is a ad-tracking software program. It allows you to track how many people clicked your link, how many people took action (signed up), how many people brought (sales) your product, split test, and more! The picture below is how the stats look. These two campaigns were for clicks and actions only.

The first campaign was for the page I mention earlier. The second campaign was for a page that I am currently one of the content managers. My goal was to see if anybody was clicking on my link and opting-in afterward. As you can see my first campaign got 1,489 raw clicks, 942 unique clicks and 156 actions (sign ups). My click thru rate was not that great but I got 156 free subscribers! The second campaign I got 20 free subscribers from the page that I am a content manager!


Go to Adtrackgold.com and hybrid-connect.com. download, and install the two plug-ins. After you have installed and activated them, write a blog post and if you have a list, send them an email letting them know you just created a new post. The next step is choosing a picture to post on Facebook. Once you have chosen one, make sure you post a link to the blog post you just created in the description..

After that, choose another picture or video that you think is funny, cute or inspirational. post this one about two hours after your blog post. Place a link in the description to the squeeze page that you created in this one.

What is an email autoresponder?


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What is an email autoresponder? Is that the question you want answered?  An email autoresponder is a software program that automatically sends out a sequence of emails after a person opts in to your list or if you are running a campaign. If you take a minute, sit back and really think about it, you would

really beat yourself up for not knowing that. If you look at the word and divide it in half, you find two words, auto and responder. Auto, which is short for automatic and responder, is just like responding to somebody but by email.


An Email autoresponder is the backbone for all business, large, small, online or offline. The next time you get an email for a major big box department store, I want you to understand somewhere down the line you opted in to receive their newsletter or agreed to get their alerts.

If you remember anything from this blog post, remember this, “the money is in the list” I am sure you have heard people saying this several times before and just like many, asked, “ What does that mean?” The list is your email list and the money is your email follows up sequence.

Studies show, it takes a person about eight times after seeing your face to remember you and the something goes with selling. People buy from those they know, like, and trust. Since it takes about 8 times for a person to remember your face, you will have to send several emails before a person feels comfortable enough to buy anything from you.

That is why all business uses autoresponders. An autoresponder will continue to send email after email automatically. All you have to do is load them up, set the date, time and how often you want them to send.

There are many different email autoresponder companies but I am going to tell you about one that I believe is the best! GVO is one of the best email autoresponder I came across! If you didn't know, GVO is an Internet marketing toolkit, which includes Eresponder Pro. What makes Eresponder Pro so great is the price.

You can have up to 20,000-subscribers on your list for about $11.24 per week! Some of the top autoresponders on the net don’t come close to that price. You would have to pay $130 for 10,001-25,000 subscribers using aweber autoresponder. On Getresponse website their prices stops at 5,000 and that’s $45 per month. You have to call for anything higher.

Subscriber for subscriber, not only do you get more for your money, you also get there Prospecting System, GVO Conference, Easy Video Producer and you receive access to advanced training in GVO’s Academy, with no extra charge! Check out these videos that explain all the marketing tools that are include with GVO's email autoresponder.

email autoresponder

What is an email autoresponder?

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