Web hosting is one of two things you need to start an online business. The other thing is a domain. Think of web hosting as a storage locker. You can store all the stuff you want and you are the only one with the key. However, instead of old furniture, winter clothes, its pictures, documents and files.

There are several different types of hosting. It all depends on what you are trying to do. You have free hosting, shared hosting, reseller accounts, and dedicated servers. Free hosting is what most of you are already using. Facebook is a good example of free hosting but there are other free web hosting sites that will allow you to create your very own website/blog. The only drawbacks are some of these companies will force you to display sponsor ads on your site, won’t give you access to your cPanel or force you to display a company banner somewhere.

With the display of their sponsor ads, you won’t get any money. You would be making money for the company and you would not be able to make any yourself. Without access to your cPanel, you would be left in the dark. You won’t be able to create any sub domains, look at your stats yourself and if you have the company banner on your site, the company will be getting free leads from you and you won’t be credited for them.These types of companies are good when you are first starting out or if you just need a place to share some files but once you start to learn more about marketing, you are going to have to stop using these sites and move on to our next type, paid.

Paid hosting gives you access to just about the whole server, depending on what type of hosting you get. Most people when getting a paid hosting account don’t realize the server that you are renting is shared with other users. This is not a bad thing but if your site starts getting a lot of traffic or one of your scripts are using too many resources (CPU, memory, etc.), there is going to be a problem.

If you are at the point of needing a dedicated server, you have several options to choose from. A dedicated server is just how it sounds. The server is dedicated to you and you only. Dedicated servers now come in two different types, standard and cloud. A standard dedicated server is a traditional server that is stored at a physical location. Usually there are engineers at the location to fix any problem and perform upgrades went needed.

A standard dedicated server is good because of its security. They are usually stored at a physical location with people there that can address any situation that comes up but a dedicated cloud server is secure too and it gives you loads of flexibility. Let’s say you have a store and all of your data for the last ten years are stored on a standard traditional server locked in a room in the basement. When you leave your store, you can’t access some of it but if your data were hosted on a dedicated cloud server, you would be able to access all your data even if you were on a business trip in china. There are ways you can get around this using a traditional server but for this post, we are not going to go into that. Another example is, if your store catches on fire. All your data for the last 10 years would be destroyed. If you were hosting with a dedicated cloud server, the only thing would be destroyed would be your physical store but your business would be still out and running!

Choosing between a standard and cloud dedicated server is up to you but maybe you might not need a dedicated server. Maybe the solution for you is a reseller account. If some of your team members are asking you, “what is the best hosting for online marketing”, maybe you should start your own hosting company and get a reseller account! A reseller account allows you to sell a portion of your storage and bandwidth. You can get a reseller account with a shared or dedicated server; it only depends on the company.

It is essential have your own(paid) hosting if you are trying to do any online marketing. When doing on-page SEO, one of the first steps should be verifying your site. I remember one of the companies that i used when I first started online. They would not let me modify the header your have access to my cPanel. This was years ago and the only way to claim your site was to have access to your cPanel or be able to modify the code. Well, looking back, they might have been other ways but as a newbie, I wasn’t aware of them. Another reason why you need paid hosting is advertizing (Affiliate banners, Google adsense, etc.)

To make some extra money, you can install banners from different affiliate products or install Google adsense. In addition, you might want to add a Facebook like box to show off your fanpage but one of the options call for pasting some code in the header. If you don't have access to do this, you can't put it on your site. When doing any online marketing, you want to look professional. A GoDaddy banner at the bottom of your site does not say professional.

One of the best reasons you need your own (paid) hosting is because you can install WordPress. WordPress also has a free hosting solution but the drawbacks are the same as I mentioned before. The one thing WordPress is good for is you don’t need to know too much about coding. WordPress also have thousands of plug-ins you can choose. If you don’t know what plug-ins are, just think of them as custom rims on your car or getting a tune up. Some plug-ins makes your website look good and some will give your site more power!

Through all my years of marketing online, I have been with several hosting companies but the company that I have found is the best hosting for online marketing is a company call Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO). GVO is the best hosting for online marketing because you get all the tools you need to start and run a online business. All you have to do is pick a domain and set up your hosting. In addition, you get a auto responder, web conferencing software, access to the “Easy Video Producer” and more!

An autoresponder is the backbone of all businesses. I am not going to go into too many details but if you want to learn more about auto responders, read my post titled, “What is a autoresponder”. With just hosting and an autoresponder, you can build a list and start making money, but wait! Once you build a list, you are going to need a way to communicate and motivate your subscribers. One strategy is having webinars. Having webinars is a marketing strategy that gets your attendees out of their comfort zone. A live event will make people pay attention more than a pre-recorded video. The reason behind this is, if a person knows they can stop, pause and come back later, there is no urgency to buy. If the event is live and the attendees know that after the video is over, there won't be a way to see it again or buy the product your selling, the urgency to buy now is present, which equals more sales!. Webinars are something that all the gurus are doing now but have you seen how much some of the webinar software companies are charging? It’s about a hundred dollars a month but with GVO, it’s included with hosting!

Another reason GVO is the best hosting for online marketing is the, “Easy Video Producer”. Most people now days use YouTube to host there videos but GVO gives you the option to host with them and the best part about this is it doesn't cost extra! With the Easy Video Producer, you can upload a video and then embed it in one of their pre built squeeze pages. That’s another reason, they have prebuilt video and regular squeeze pages. Squeeze pages are something you need to build a list. You can read more about it in my post titled, “What is a squeezepage” and “How to build a Email List”.

So there you have it. GVO is a one-stop website hosting and marketing tools suit that makes it easy to run your business! You can get everything I just talked about for one low price. Sign up NOW!



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