If you are trying to build a list, solo ads are one of the easiest and fastest ways to accomplish it.  Depending on who you ask, a solo ad is an email message that you pay someone to send to their list that they have already built. When building a list this is extremely useful, because the list of the person whom you buy the solo ad from has already opted-in to receive information about some sort of moneymaking opportunity. When the solo ad provider sends your email, they are more likely to click and opt-in!

Solo ads give you targeted leads. The only other thing you have to do is, make sure you are promoting a product that converts. There are other variables that come into play but choosing a product that converts is one of the most important. Your email copy is important too but I would say slightly less. Your squeezepage is the more important. Only because some solo ad providers ask for just a link. Most of the times when a solo ad provider only asks for a link, it’s because they are going to add it to a URL rotator. This is my favorite kind of solo ad provider! Not only do you not have to worry about your email copy, you can also give them a link from your own rotator! With this technique, you can start your own co-op business!

Starting your own co-op is a great way to help your team! When you are promoting a network-marketing product, your doweline should be treated like gold. The more you support your team the more likely, your team will support you. If you have some team members that are showing results, one of the best ways to say good job is to do some advertising for them. There comes a time in every internet marketer’s career where you come across a campaign that takes up so much time and so much energy that you start questioning yourself is it worth it. Getting an email from your sponsor congratulating you on your hard work and offering to include you in his or her next co-op, really confirms that your hard work is not going unnoticed.

Another reason why I like solo ad vendors that only ask for a link is all you have to do is find a reliable one. There are many to choose from so picking one could be somewhat hard. When picking a reliable solo ad provider, the number one factor you should look for is, if he or she is trustworthy. Another one to look for is testimonials but not all testimonials are the same so make sure you look, for the testimonials of well-known marketers.

There are a lot of people buying solo ads and leaving testimonials saying the traffic was great but only because the vendor over delivered. This is not how you determine if the solo ad traffic was good. You need to know how many people opted-in and how many sales where generated. If there are sales, this is good proof that the people on their list were interested enough to click on the link, take out there credit card and buy, which means they might do the same for you! Another thing you should look for is what country the clicks are coming from. The only way to see this is by using tracking software that has geo-location reporting or you could ask the solo ad provider to give you a copy.

I have seen people with a list size of 100,000 plus people but more than 50% are from countries like India or Pakistan. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with these countries but it is going to be very difficult communicating if they don’t speak the same language and its going to be even harder to coordinate with them because of the time zone gap. You might have to stay up until 11 am, the next day trying to answer their questions.

Some other things you should consider are the length of time they have been online and if they have their own product. If they have just started selling solo ads, they might not have any testimonials but they should have an online presents. A good example is when I saw a well-known internet marketer pop up on a site where I buy most of my solo ads. He didn't have any testimonials at the time but I knew he was legit because I brought one of his products before.

A lot of solo ad providers have their very own website. You can usually find all of the prices for their click packages displayed on them. The only drawback is these sites don’t always rank on the first page of Google. Some advertising agencies also sell solo ads but you might find them listed under media buys. The best place to buy solo ads is a site called Udimi.com!

This is Safe-swaps.com newest website and the only difference between Safe-Swaps.co and Udimi.com is, Udimi.com is 100% FREE!  Safe-swaps.com is free to join but you have to pay a monthly fee to gain access to all there features and they allow you to do ad swaps! If you don’t know what ad swaps are, there are when you and a partner send the other persons email message to their own list until the agreed upon clicks are achieved.

Udimi.com and Safe-swaps.com are both made up of hundreds of individual people that buy and sell solo ads. You can choose from anybody you want. They both have built in tracking and buyer fraud protection. If there is ever a problem and the seller does not want to make it right, you can escalate it and ask the site to look into it. If you are in the right, they will refund your money. In addition, you can leave a nasty testimonial and warn people about the seller. If there is really a big problem, the solo ad seller can be banned from the site.

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Benfits of Udimi.com and Safe-Swaps.com

  • Affordable Solo Ads
  • Targeted Solo Ads
  • Responsive Solo Ads
  • Top Notch Solo Ad Providers
  •  Solo Ads That Work