What are solo ads?

Many Internet marketers ask the question how can I build an email list from scratch and how can I build it fast. Well, today must be your lucky day because I am about to tell you how! The answer is Solo ads! Solo ads are the fastest and best way to build an email list from scratch, fast! If you do not know what solo ads are, they are arrangements made with other marketers or list brokers that have already spent the time and money it takes to build a list and charges you a fee to send out your affiliate link or product link. Now how cool is that? You do not have to waste your time or your money trying to figure out which ad is making money and which ad is costing money!


Laser-targeted subscribersThe benefits of buying solo ads are:solo ads

  • Build a list overnight
  • Get traffic to you website immediately
  • Solo ads guaranteed clicks

The reason why they are laser targeted is the person or company you brought the solo ads from have already done the legwork building the list. All you have to do is make sure you write a good email copy!

You could order a solo today and by the time you wake up tomorrow, have over one hundred new subscribers! If you played your cards right and you wrote a good email, in addition to opt-ins you might just see some sales in your PayPal account!

Where do you get them?

You can get solo ads from a lot of different people and places on the net but the best place to get solo ads from is a site called Safe-Swaps.com. Safe-Swaps Solo Ads sellers all have responsive list that are just the right price! You can also get them for safelists but these safelist solo ads are not as responsive. Most of the time the only reason they are clicking on your link is to get credits to mail there offer but every once in a while somebody finds your offer interesting and opts-in. You might send up 10,000 emails and only 10 opt-in's but it did not cost you a dime!

How much do they cost?

Solo ads very in cost, they are usually priced by the click and on Safe-Swaps.com; they are $0.24 to $0.70. I sell them for $.35 a click at the time of this writing. You can get four hundred clicks for $140. Prices may increase or decrease in the future but you can pick from hundreds of solo ads sellers. A good tip for buying solo ads is start out buying small. Buy one or two hundred clicks first and if you like, the result buy from that person again but bigger.

My results

I have been have been a prime member of Safe Swaps for about eight months now and in my first month; I got close to two thousand new subscribers and that was  in just one mouth! Since then I have brought over 50 solos ads with no plans to stop. In addition, I have one active referral!  Safe Swaps is an amazing ways to drive traffic to you website! Check out my other post explaining how .

solo ads

Safe-Swap.com  is the largest, safest, place on the internet to buy, sell solo ads! In addition, they have a FREE affiliate program! Check out my Review!