The Free Marketing Lifestyle Contest

The Free Marketing Lifestyle contest is starting Monday June 15, 2015 at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time. Don’t miss your opportunity to win up to $1,000 per day! That’s $5,000 in one week! There are second, third and fourth prizes so all together you have four chances to take home some money but don't wait, join NOW, the contest ends Friday June 19, 2015.

The Free Marketing Lifestyle contest is a lead generating contest. Everyone that joins and validates his or her email will count as a lead! It’s that simple! If you bring in the most leads that day, you win $1,000!

The Free Marketing Lifestyle Contest breakdown: The Free Marketing Lifestyle Contest

  • First prize each day is $1,000
  • Second prize each day is $500
  • Third prize each day is $250
  • Fourth prize each day is $250

As you see above, even if you are not the top producer of the day, you still have a chance to win some prize money! If you only come in fourth place every day, you get $250, which equals to $1,250! What would you do with an extra $1,250? Pay some bills; take a vacation, save it? I don’t know about you but an extra $1,250 would sure make things a little less stressful.

The money is great but there are other benefits to promoting this contest! The leads that you generate are automatically placed in your Free Marketing Lifestyle email campaign. Meaning, they will be hard coded to you so if they decide to upgrade the same day, Friday or a month from now, you will still get a commission! In addition, there is a done for you autoresponder email follow up series that will be sent out on your behalf!

Update: 06/16/2015 You will not get a free email autoresponder follow up series.

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So let’s say you refer a lead on Monday and that lead does not upgrade. There are a lot of reasons why a person does not upgrade but let’s say this person joined while they were at work, on their lunch break and didn't have time to really watch the video and take it all in.

After work, they are tired but still have to spend time with the family. After family time, it is almost time to get ready for the next day and go to bed. The next day an email is sent reminding them again about the Free Marketing Lifestyle. The whole week emails are sent but this person has the same routine, going to work, spend time with family and go to bed but when Friday comes, things change. He doesn't have to work the next day and because they have been seeing the follow up emails, it has been in the back of their mine, all week. Therefore, this person checks out the video, has enough time to really see the value, and joins! If there were, no email follow ups, this person might have forgot all about it

Another example is someone that opt-in but do not have the money to upgrade until Friday (Payday)!

The done for you auto responder series saves you time and the prize money is a great motivation but the best reason to promote this contest is you get access to PureLeverage tool suite!

PrueLeverage has been around for years and I bet most of you have seen it before but for some reason never join. Now is the time to join! Join NOW and get the chance to win up to $1,000 per day!

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