When starting out marketing online most people start with eBay or Amazon (well, that was the case for me). When I started out, I started selling on eBay and one of the first things I noticed was, you had to wait about 7 to 10 days to be paid. I didn’t give up but after a month or two, I started looking for another way to make money online. I didn’t stop selling on eBay, in a matter of fact; I still sell on there today. The only drawback to selling physical products is when a sale comes in; you have to be able to ship it in the time that you specified. What if you decide to go on a cruise that was for 7 or 14 days and you received a sale? Unless you had somebody to ship it for you, you would not be able to ship it and your customer might cancel the order and give a bad rating. I just knew, it had to be a better way.

I remember signing up to fill out surveys. Thinking if I could do $5 worth of surveys in 15 minutes, I could make $20 an hour but soon after that, I started to realize it would take more than 30 minutes to fill out some of them. I signed up with several different companies. I don’t remember exactly how much I was being paid for each survey but I think it was about $1 to $2.50. If you do the math, $2.50 multiplied by 2 is $5, 30 minutes each, which is only $5 an hour. For that much, I would be better off working at McDonalds.

One of the survey companies that I signed up with did movie surveys and I thought this could be my dream job, watching movies and being paid to do so! I can remember that most of them were pilots for upcoming TV shows and video trailers for movies. It was more like a focus group because they wanted your opinion on the different trailers so they could decide which version to use when they premier it. In marketing terms, it was an A/B split test. When doing a split test, usually you show 50% of your traffic 1 version of your squeeze page and the other 50% the other version.  In this case, they showed you both. This is how it worked. After you watch the clip, they asked you questions like how does the part of the man standing next to the red car makes you feel. Then they would show you a picture of the same man standing next to a green car and ask you the same question.

Since most of the movies were trailers and clips of pilot TV shows, it wasn’t as if you could pop some popcorn, get a soda, sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.  In addition, just think about it, you watch a 5-minute clip and the survey takes about 25 minutes to complete. It was fun while it lasted but I had to move on.

While searching for another way to make money online, I came across some information about affiliate marketing. I found an Internet marketer that was paying 75% commissions! After finding that, I started looking for more. While looking, I learned about sites like click bank and commission junction. The way I was thinking was, all I had to do was find a product that was selling for $5,000 and I would be rich (so I thought)! The problem at the time, was I could not find any products that cost $5,000 and at that price, paying 75% commission.

I was still searching for ways to make money online and then I came across a marketer that was selling three of his products that he claims made him a lot of money. It wasn’t anything special about this claim, just about all marketers tell you they made a lot of money with some sort of product. However, he was selling something that I never heard of before, resell rights! Resell rights gave me the right to keep all the profit but the question was, how do I get people to buy these products from me?

Up to this point I was on eBay but didn’t want to be tied down to my inventory, filled out some surveys but the money was not worth the time, found out about affiliate marketing and found a product that I could call my own. The only thing I didn’t find was how to sell them. Up until this point, I didn’t know about squeeze pages or building a list but at the time, there was a lot of talk about Facebook PPC. I brought a course and had success getting likes for my fan page. In Addition, I was getting them for a penny a click! Facebook has since changed and the same people I was targeting back then, cost two cents or more now. You can check out some of my Facebook pages on my website.

By now, you might be wondering, what in the world does this have to do with the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners? The reason I was telling you my past experiences was because I wanted to paint a picture for you of how long I have been doing this. The stories I was telling you, happen over a period of years, not days or weeks and not right after another. I think I switch three jobs in that time period. It took me into now to find an affiliate program that would be perfect for beginners! The affiliate program that would be perfect for beginners is call SFI.

SFI stand for Strong Figure Income and the best thing about it is, it’s free to join! That is the number one reason it is perfect for beginners. When I first started, I passed up a lot of great products and programs just because they were not free. If you are a beginner, I know you are not going to pay $2,000 for a product that you would not know how to use even if you did buy it.

Being free is just one of the reasons why I would say it is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners. Another reason is, they teach you by rewarding you just for doing some of the basic marketing principles. The basic marketing principles are getting leads and following up with them. Some marketer’s advise you to send follow up emails every day. SFI recommends you send once a week and post 3 times to your stream. They have a point system that motivates you to do this and what most people don’t realize, this is the same thing that some of the top successful marketers will charge you hundreds of dollars if you want to learn.

Another reason why I would say SFI is one of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners is, TripleClicks. TripleClicks is an ecommerce website and you get commissions for every product you help to promote! Currently they have 89,094 products and services from more than 160 countries around the world! You can even open up a store and sell your own products! Maybe, the reason I like this is that I started out on eBay. TripleClicks is quick, simple, and easy.